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(Archive) United Matters

Projects for a better tomorrow

This project was part of DDW 2021
Christoph Dichmann

The showcase presents a variety of design approaches, ranging from material innovation, to creative technological exploration and speculative design. The intended outcome is to disrupt people’s perspectives and provoke real-world change.

We are an international collective composed of MA Material Futures graduates

For the fifth year, United Matters will be part of the Dutch Design Week, presenting a collection of projects by the 2021 MA Material Futures graduates.

We are designers who work at the intersection of craft, science and technology, using design as a critical tool to challenge, reflect upon and unravel the complexity of the 21st Century. We proudly present the outcomes of this very unique year with works ranging from products realized by regenerating waste, bio-tech and regenerative technologies. Also showcased are explorations into innovative and sustainable alternatives to common industrial manufacturing processes, and speculative projects that question tomorrow’s lifestyle and build on technological innovation.