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(Archive) Creative collaborations in lighting

APTUM x ........

This project was part of DDW 2021
Golden Hour — © Jeroen van der Wielen

Lighting combined with jewelry, technology and animation.
Aptum has joined forces with professionals from other disciplines to create and present new work together. The aim of these collaborations is to stimulate the imagination and let creativity flow.

Golden hour

The Boyscouts and Aptum present to you ‘Golden Hour’.

During the golden hour, also known as the magic hour, shortly after sunrise or before sunset, the light is red and soft. This enchanting feeling is captured in dazzling light fixtures and jewelry.

Those who are familiar with the work of both brands will see the similarity immediately: a preference for merging geometric shapes. The Boyscouts makes them for the body, Aptum for the interior. A sparkling collaboration with different products in the same design language.

Adapted reality

PostNew and Aptum present to you ‘Adapted Reality’.

Computer visualizations become more realistic, tangible materials become more unreal. The magical color change in PostNew’s animation appears to be physically realized by Aptum with the use of dichroic material. Has reality adapted to the digital world? Or is it the other way around? This collaboration takes place at the intersection of technology and digitalization.

Living Circle

Studio Tom and Aptum present to you ‘Living Circle’.

A circle with dynamic light: from energetic bouncing balls to calming twinkles in sophisticated color combinations. The viewer can actively influence movement, but can also dream away at the view. Knowledge in the field of custom-made luminaires, dynamic lighting technology and color research by Aptum and Studio Tom are merged into 1 object, suitable for both public and domestic spaces.

Golden Hour — © Jeroen van der Wielen

Adapted Reality — © Damon van Drimmelen

Living Circle — © Jeroen van der Wielen

Living Circle