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Complete Me Rolling Bench Concept — © Brian Anderson

Complete Me is an investigation into systems designed to sustain engaging, flexible, and culturally relevant models of domestic utility.

Complete Me Rolling Bench

Complete Me is one outcome of an investigation into form and material systems designed to sustain engaging, flexible, and culturally situated models of domestic utility. The project aims to present open and semi-programmed furniture-oriented ceramic-based objects that are completed with complementary natural material elements that can be reconfigured over time and conveniently rearranged in the home. In its basic configuration, the rolling bench consists of dowels arrayed between two ceramic rings. Rope or yarn woven through or wound around locall and sustainably sourced materials supplies the compression and tension required to stabilize the object as furniture. Complete Me imagines a world in which design activates sustainable intersections of production and utility. The project advances and elevates the notion of care by insisting we love most what we know directly, what we’ve found and constructed ourselves, and what bears specific provenance. The system supplements typically imbalanced modes of consumption with a healthy dose of natural materials, personal narrative, and delight.

About studio(ba)

Studio(ba) is an experimental design practice investigating ethical innovation, advanced fabrication, and sustainable production. The studio critically examines and demonstrates innovative intersections of design, science, and culture. Their works examine the craft of design, combining traditional and advanced fabrication techniques to develop new material-based knowledge and propose an aesthetics of sustainability.
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