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(Archive) Textile Pixels

This project was part of DDW 2021

Textile Pixels is a textile that reveals alternating images to the spectator through color changes. We aim to showcase the potential of enhanced textiles in our current digital age. Challenging the idea of needing digital interfaces, we present a modern type of analog interface.

Textile Pixels

In our modern society, we find ourselves increasingly surrounded by screen-based interfaces. These interfaces make use of our capacity to visually perceive and process information efficiently. The reason why we focused on developing this type of communication is that visual communication is more impactful than other types of communication. Even though visual communication has proven to be efficient and effective, in the shape of too much screen exposure it can have some detrimental consequences to our health. We find expanding evidence in research concluding that being exposed to too many screens can cause, among other things, sedentary behavior, reduced sleeping hours and reduced sleep quality. Textiles are already widely interwoven into our surroundings, we find them as our clothing, in our home interiors, in our cars, and most public spaces. We want to show a textile project that through the integration of electronics and special textile dyes present color changes showing two alternating images to the spectator. This is done in the shape of a canvas on a wall as if it were a tv screen or painting. Challenging the idea of needing digital interfaces and presenting a modern analog