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Interactive textile art

A showcase of how technology could be aesthetically integrated in textiles

Impression of the interactive textile piece — © ITL Studio

When developing interactive textiles the size of technology is often a issue, bulky components cause for prototype-like looks and are not appealing. This project showcases ordinary LEDs integrated using a classical beading approach, making the technology part of the aesthetics of the textile.

Technology and textiles

The challenge of technology in combination with textiles is often how to integrate harder components with soft and flexible textiles. Beading is used to embellished textiles since the origin of textiles and also have a hard/non-flexible nature. In this piece it is showcased how we can use technology without necessarily making it invisible but making it part of the overall aesthetics.

Digital and traditional fabrication methods

In this new era, technology does not only enhance our products, production processes are also also undergoing transformations. Digital fabrication methods used in this piece are technologies such as laser cutting, digital drawing and parametric design, still including traditional approaches such as embroidery beading. We aim to showcase that these are not mutually exclusive, instead we combine the strengths of both fabrication methods to come to new insights and designs.

About ITL Studio

ITL Studio is recently founded by Julia van Zilt. Her expertise is using technology (high- and low-tech) to create actuated textiles. Activation looks like textile movement, light effects, color changes, and shape changes among other things. These textiles are made/enhanced with both traditional and modern techniques such as embroidery and 3D printing. They are developed for your specific needs and often are applied in domains such as the fashion, interior, or automotive industry.
Plan-B area, Fashion Tech Farm, Zeelsterstraat 80 , Map No. H3
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