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(Archive) Edible Seascapes

A new, non-exploitative and sustainable way of relating with our oceans.

This project was part of DDW 2021
The future of A Guarda's seaweed culture — © Alejandra Alonso-Majagranzas

Due to the challenges faced by coastal fishing communities due to the effects of climate change and overfishing, we are forced to look for alternatives. In the town of A Guarda in Galicia, the alternative comes from taking inspiration from the past, creating an agricultural system based on seaweed.

Re-imagining of coastal culture by substituting fishing with seaweed farming.

Our relationship with the ocean has changed over history. In the past century, we have changed that relationship to a more exploitative one. We are coming close to exhausting our oceans’ underwater life to feed an ever-growing population. This project focuses on creating an oceanic agricultural system that works in sinergy with the ocean, that uplifts societies and economies, while creating food and so much more. To do this, we turn to a resource that we have always had but only now we have started to appreciate: algae. Algae is a versatile element of our ecosystems. When farmed, it helps keep oceans healthy and clean. Its uses are growing more and more everyday, but some examples of its applications are in food, energy, fertilizers, bioplastics,etc. Several towns in Galicia have a history of using seaweed and seaweed is embedded into the oceanic culture. This project takes seaweed farming to an extreme. The project aim is a scalable farming system based on three different types of algae: red and brown (macro algae) and blue-green micro algae. The system will be represented in the main seaweed-harvesting town of A Guarda; but it could be applied to other contexts.

Phases of Implementation of seaweed culture — © Alejandra Alonso-Majagranzas

Macro & Micro Algae Greenhouses — © Alejandra Alonso-Majagranzas

Algae culture implemented in communal life — © Alejandra Alonso-Majagranzas

Algae culture implemented in personal life