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Pink & blue outfits, VÄRDEVULLA collection — © Mara Over

This concept is meant to get big companies to think about what they could do with their waste. To look at the value and rethink their decision about throwing away materials.

Do you dare?

I challenge them to look again; to push themselves and look beyond what they know now. I dare them to ask themselves: "Do I dare? Am I brave enough to take the leap into a new way of business?" Don't discard it because it's not sellable, but find that drive and make it sellable. Not just once - make it stick.


In my newest collection I use IKEA as an example. All pieces are made from discarded textiles, donated by IKEA. Here you see a few pieces from the whole collection of four outfits and four bags.

I called this collection VĂ„RDEVULLA, which is Swedish for valuable. All pieces are inspired by the design estetic of IKEA and are made to inspire them to reuse their materials.

This concept is not only usable for IKEA, but for all companies with waste.
It is a way of looking beyond the way we treat materials now.

Look again. Is it valuable?

About Mara Over

I am a proud graduate of the study Arts & Crafts (fashion) and I'm so happy to present to you my newest concept: Look again.

Bag & tapestry (bag), VÄRDEVULLA collection — © Mara Over

Bag & tapestry (tapestry), VÄRDEVULLA collection — © Mara Over

White & pink outfits, VÄRDEVULLA collection — © Mara Over

Blue outfit, VĂ„RDEVULLA collection

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