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''Dat kan mijn kleine nichtje ook''

Project about the aesthetics of tinkering.

Drawing+product — © Joni Veizaj & Tessel Burger

”Dat kan mijn kleine nichtje ook”(My little niece can do that too), a statement which haunts museums and exhibitions. A statement to classify one’s work as tinkering, but is this statement as negative as we think it is.

What is the deviding line between tinkering and design?

In this project I researched the positive aspects of tinkering and how I could acquire these in product design. By translating tinkering techniques into production techniques, I translated the tinkering atmosphere into product design. With these 2 furniture pieces I want to let the viewer experience the joy of making with a work that also puts the statement ‘’Dat kan mijn kleine nichtje ook’’in a different light and wonders whether this comment is as negative as it seems.

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About Joni Veizaj

My name is Joni, I’m product designer who looks for the fun and humor in certain materials, products or statements that relate to product design. I try to incorporate these themes in my products through experimental research combined with childish curiosity. My products are mainly intended to provide her environment with a cheerful and humorous touch.

close up

Cabinet front

Cabinet Front

Cabinet side view

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Station area, Fuutlaan 12
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