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One Table — © Ramon Nelissen

This project is about multifunctional furniture in small living spaces.
A furniture set that has multiple applications to make the most out of the space used.
It can be used as one side table je or individual stools and side tables.

More and less

I want more, but also less, but of what? By more, I mean functional; in realty and in vision. To get more out of it than there is at first glance. That is what I am striving for.

Back to the question about less; I want less stuff that gets in the way and doesn't last. This desire gave me the idea of 'Stool Up'. Applicable in small and large spaces.

Not just one piece of furniture, but five pieces in one. Together, they form a small tower of side tables. Because of their compact form they take up very little space. When needed, they can be used individually as tables or stools. If you have friends over, you can create extra seating in no time. Handy, right? The possibilities are endless. Stack and unstack them, depending on the situation. A stand table? No problem. Extra storage? Also done in an instant.
Almost as light as a feather, because it is made from veneer. Cork also plays a role here. Together they are as strong as iron.

You can sit on it, add to it, anything goes. If you need more space, you can put them back together again, just as if they were one piece. I want more of these, and less of too much.

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About Hogeschool Rotterdam

We are participating through our course Arft & Crafts.

Play together — © Ramon Nelissen

Tables and stools — © Ramon Nelissen

Stacking up

Station area, Design Perron, Fuutlaan 12 , Map No. D8
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