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Cheap Characters

Could a toilet plunger also function as a table leg?

Fotograaf: Fabio Jansen

‘Cheap Characters’ is a collection that consists of five interior objects as a
reaction to our present-day society, which is furnished with quick and fleeting things. Due to mass production we live in a society in where there is an enormous amount of uniform and similar products that can easily be

‘Where has the connection with our living environment gone to?’

I have been looking for ways to transform cheap soulless items into valuable and
distinctive objects. By using simple methods and craftmanship like weaving,
cutting and sewing I am discovering the possibilities that they have to offer.

For example, could a toilet plunger also function as a table leg or what can you make out of a swimming tube?

Cheap Characters’ shows how we can achieve more connection by approaching our everyday objects differently. I want to inspire the viewer by showing how an authentic living environment could look like and invite them to start making things themselves again.

About Annemijn Adriaensen


My name is Annemijn Adriaensen and I am a product designer and material researcher. The starting point for my designs are the every day stuff that I collect in stores like the secondhand shop, construction market and discounter stores. During my design process, I am going on an adventures with my collection of everyday materials that I have found in the stores.
Photographer: Fabio Jansen
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