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A Joint Catalyst for Change

Juha Vehmaanperä - Not Your Mitten — © Image by Tuuli Turunen

In recent years a heap of treaties and promises have been made by the major international players in the fashion industry. It is time to take action. It's time to redefine how fashion can meet the environmental and societal needs of future generations.

Time to roll up our sleeves and join forces! Time for a New Order of Fashion.

During DDW 2021, New Order of Fashion unites a selection of hand-picked international fashion talents who inspire each other and use all means to create a dazzling, sustainable fashion future!

In the brand new NOoF Lab, supervised by NOoF alumni, the new generation of talents will fulfill a live research residency. They will illustrate circular fashion solutions for forward thinking partners from the fashion-industry such as Dutch retailer ZEEMAN as well as redefine existing frames and practices in collaboration with educational partners such as Aalto University (Helsinki) and individual studios of leading designers such as Stina Randestad (Stockholm) and Matthew Needham (London).

Visitors will be both inspired and invited to actively participate. Ranging from accessible presentations, tools and workshops to an inspiring and educational program for fashion professionals that illustrates alternative systems and durable and reusable collections.

Let’s DO IT. Together.

About New Order of Fashion

New Order of Fashion (NOoF) is the international platform for exceptional fashion design talent who are on a personal quest to innovate their practices. We accelerate circularity in fashion by offering fresh, rebellious and radical perspectives through innovation, experimentation and co-creation. Our goal is to fuel the industry's transition towards fully circular practices.

Woo Jin Joo - 虎死留皮,人死留名 — © Image by Woo Jin Joo

Leevi Ikäheimo - No Pain No Glamour — © Image by Julian Riikonen

Max Willebrand Westin - Longing for Now — © Image by Ligia Popławska

Priss Niinikoski - Harvest

Strijp-S area, NOoF Lab, Torenallee 22-06 , Map No. B12
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