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(Archive) VRIENDEN

This project was part of DDW 2021
JOHANNES table - FLINTER cabinet - MARIA chair — © Anna Powilleit

VRIENDEN is a young Dutch furniture brand, an innovative sales concept, and a social design network: you do not view the furniture in a traditional store, but at 'Friends', a national network of private viewing points, which can be found through our website

VRIENDEN: a new Dutch design label

VRIENDEN is founded by designers Eric Sloot and Paulien Berendsen, also known for Studio Parade and IXXI. The VRIENDEN concept originated from the desire to bring design to enthusiasts in a completely different manner. In addition to our own designs, we also work with designer-friends such as Floris Hovers and Liset van der Scheer.

How does it work?

1. Discover our collection. All our furniture can be found on; get inspired!
2. View. Make an appointment through to view a piece of furniture at a Friend’s place (viewpoint). You will not find a better advisor!
3. Purchase and express gratitude. If you decide to buy the product, we will give your hospitable Friend a Friends-fee. You too can then become a viewing point. Would you rather not? No hard feelings!

The foundation of VRIENDEN is to allow design to play not only an aesthetic but also a social, connecting role. We believe that through the unusual setting of an authentic and personal interior, we offer design-lovers an original experience, as an alternative to traditional home furnishings shopping.
As a result, VRIENDEN connects design enthusiasts in an engaging and social way, making VRIENDEN the first social design network in the Netherlands.

What characterizes our collection?

The attention to detail and the focus on an interior product that is durable and timeless, that surprises without being grotesque, that excites and yet is soft. We mix our love for the craft of furniture making with the use of unusual materials.

VRIENDEN designs and sells design products, produced in the Netherlands and made-to-order. Linking the furniture directly to the end user, large stores are not necessary, and the design collection also remains affordable.

SAAM cabinet - DIRK chair — © Anna Powilleit

PLONIE side table - LATTE chair

Designing of the new LAMP with Floris Hovers

LOT sofa - BOND accessories