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(Archive) ABN AMRO Gelijke Kansen Paviljoen

Discover the ABN AMRO Equal Opportunities Pavilion

This project was part of DDW 2021
ABN AMRO Gelijke Kansen Paviljoen — © Hannie Verhoeven

During Dutch Design Week 2021, socially engaged designers will tell a story that urgently needs to be told. The story of a fair society. One that draws strength from diversity and leaves no one behind. And the story about the journey towards that society. Because there’s still a lot of work to do.

We all play a role in diversity and inclusion.

Everyone is different. And it is precisely those differences that enable us to learn from each other, enter into discussions with each other and achieve more than any of us can do on our own. But we first have to give each other a chance. ABN AMRO is convinced that this is the way forward, and wants to accelerate the transition to equal opportunities through sponsorship. ABN AMRO is the head sponsor of Dutch Design Week, because it recognises design as an excellent way to put social themes in the spotlight.

Enabling young, creative designers to offer a new perspective on the challenges in society is an opportunity to affect real change. Together, we come up with solutions, and accelerate the transition to a world of equal opportunities. The solutions that designers have developed this year are on display at the ABN AMRO Equal Opportunities Pavilion at the Ketelhuis in Eindhoven.

Four topics, four designs

Design is an excellent way to address social challenges in a positive way. How? With cards, for example. On one side of the pavilion, you’ll find ‘Ons ABN AMRO’, a unique card game. ABN AMRO asked Mies Loogman from Enlightens to design a playful way to initiate conversations about inclusion. The card game that Mies designed helps you gain awareness of something that you don’t usually realise: you may already – and unknowingly – be excluding people with the words you choose and the actions you take.

The second side of the pavilion explores another topic that may not be top of mind: the financial inequality that arises when women have a child. If you want to prevent this as a young parent, you have to make some good arrangements beforehand. With each other, but also with your employer. Studio (ink).’s ‘De Bouw Box’ can help with that.

The #WorkplacePride bench is the centrepiece of side three of the ABN AMRO Equal Opportunities Pavilion. Feel free to sit on it: preferably, with others. You’ll see that it brings you closer together. And it’s the place to talk about acceptance of LGBTI+ people in the workplace. Exclusion is still common, also at work.

Sometimes, you can be excluded even before you’re hired.

Side four of the pavilion is dedicated to gender-neutral, inclusive job vacancy texts. Research shows that the language in vacancies – whether unconsciously or not – is often geared towards male applicants. It’s one of the reasons that there are still far too few women in top functions – including at ABN AMRO. Even though a diverse team ensures better results.

Spectacular cube
The four sides of the pavilion each have their own story, but they still form a complete whole. They literally come together in a spectacular cube in the middle. Each side of the cube is dedicated to one subject, which you can view from three different angles. The slats along the sides ensure that you always see something different: multiple perspectives on the same subject.

For an optimal experience of the pavilion, you should walk around it slowly. Or, go inside and read about the six concepts within the Driving Dutch Design programme. Each concept contributes to a more equal and inclusive world. ABN AMRO hosts are there to answer your questions.