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Envisions Invites

Upcoming Talents

As part of Dutch Design Week 2021, Envisions opens up their studio space to present a whole new array of daring visions represented by a carefully curated and diverse group of upcoming talents.

Envisions Invites

With their strong focus on colour, material and experiment, 15 emerging designers are invited to take over Envisions’ home base. This in-house exposition, curated by Maya Leroy and Pien Post, connects Envisions-minded talents to the public and the industry.

In line with Envisions’ philosophy, the collective set-up aims to unite creatives from a range of disciplines. Graduated in the past 4 years from various design institutions, these designers represent a new generation exploring and expanding the boundaries of material applications. The result is a venue where one is ought to be intrigued, amazed and inspired by the vibrant energy released when process is elevated and experiment is celebrated.

About Envisions

Envisions is a designlab, uniting over 20 multidisciplinary creatives with a shared fascination for experimental material research. In collaboration with renowned industry partners Envisions critically re-envisions current processes of production, focussing primarily on the path leading up to the end product.

Starting point

Station area, Fuutlaan 14I
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