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(Archive) Envisions Invites

Upcoming Talents

This project was part of DDW 2021
Envisions Invites

Envisions opens their studio space to a group of upcoming talents for a presentation of vibrant works.

Envisions Invites

12 upcoming designers are invited to take over Envisions’ home base. The in-house exhibition connects Envisions-minded talents to the public and the industry.

In line with Envisions’ philosophy, the exhibition set-up will unite creatives from a range of disciplines. The release of fresh energy when these works hit the stage as a unity results in a presentation that will intrigue, amaze, and inspire.

Graduating within the past 4 years, these selected designers represent a new generation. Among them are Juliette Berthonneau, who invested her time in an in-depth weaving research in which flat textile is no longer the limit. Ruben Hoogvliet who uncovered new ideas about ceramic craft with his Gravity Collection and Paul Coenen, who experiments with the tension of stainless steel.

Two of the upcoming talents, Pien Post and Maya Leroy, were invited by Envisions to co-curate and design the exhibition for this edition of Envisions Invites.