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Re-glow /// studio RENS X Mosa X Corunum — © Dana Savic

A colourful overview with various new work and projects.
Material Minded, colourful to the core.

Material minded, colourful to the core.

From glass to ceramics, from curtains to flooring and material and colour researches to art installations.

About studio RENS

Dutch Design Research studio
Material minded, colourful to the core.

Studio RENS is a research-based design studio. From Eindhoven
(the Netherlands) the duo initiates projects in which colour often plays a key role.
In addition to their own collections and interior products, the designers collaborate closely with various labels and companies. Conducting material research, product innovation and art direction.
Unfoiled vase /// studio RENS X Corunum — © Dana Savic
Strijp T+R area, studio RENS, Halvemaanstraat 24 , Map No. A3
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