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(Archive) Raw Color – Temperature Textiles

Communicating climate change through textiles. The aim of the project was to manifest climate change related data into a series of textile objects.

This project was part of DDW 2021
Knitted blankets with climate data — © Raw Color

Temperature Textiles range from knitted blankets, to scarves and socks. The textiles are designed to carry climate data. On one hand they are aesthetic carriers of information that help the viewer to inform about the issue. On the other hand the textile objects provide the user with warmth.

Raw Color opens its studio to share the process and results of their climate change research.

We are daily exposed to news about Climate Change. It is at the same time omni present but also complex to understand due to the overload of information that is available about the issue. The aim of the project was to bring climate related data to its essence and manifest it into a series of textile objects. These textiles strive to rise awareness and to provide additional warmth. As a result the users should also be stimulate to lower their heating and therefore reduce their personal CO2 emission. In the process Raw Color has collaborated with expert such as KNMI for data related input. For the development of the knitted textile the studio has worked with TextielLab and Knitwearlab. The technique of knitting reduces waste during the production due to its made to measure ability. It creates heavier fabric due to its construction principle. A carefully curated colour scheme has been applied to support the three categories. The focus was on the communication value of the colour groups. Therefore a selection of warm shades are applied in Temperature change. Cool shades are used in Sea level rise and a mix of warm and cool shades are combined in Emission.

Detail blankets with climate data — © Raw Color

Yarn wraps and knitted colour samples — © Raw Color

Knitting machine with yarns at TextielLab