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(Archive) Up close & Personal Expo

What role can design play when tackling five major themes?

This project was part of DDW 2021
The Community of Symbiosis — © Loes Voermans

Design United zooms in on design research conducted at the four Dutch technical universities. Join the live-streamed talk shows from the Effenaar, interact with and view prototypes developed at the exhibition in the Klokgebouw, and b

Entangled Ecologies

Designers, processes and the products they produce originate and function within natural, social and technological ecologies. Modern designs are not single entities, they are always connected and entangled. This challenges designers to identify interdependencies within and across worldly phenomena and find ways to address them together. A key role in this theme is played by the material of design: from living organic materials to digital and speculative materials, we show how they create new entanglements and lead to unforeseen results.

Connected Interactions

A consequence of this entanglement is that interactions have a local and global character and consequence. Connected interactions bring home the idea that interacting with something in a particular time and place transcends it, impacting other concurrent interactions.