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(Archive) The Embassy of Inclusive Society

This project was part of DDW 2021
Schaalloos by Wouter Corvers — © Evita Copier

How can designers contribute to a society in which everyone feels included and represented?

An inclusive society

An inclusive society is an open society that strives for the participation of all, a society in which every citizen has a part and in which the notion of reciprocity is central. It is also a society in which everyone feels included and represented. In the Netherlands, these notions are often taken for granted – after all, by law we are all equal – but, in reality, it is far from self-evident.

Although this theme is widely discussed in society, it is hardly ever discussed in the design sector. And that’s strange: designers design for all of society, while the Dutch design field is not yet a fair representation of society. Designers with a non-Western cultural background, female designers, designers from lower economic classes and designers with physical disabilities are underrepresented. Predominantly highly educated white men design products for all to use, and as a result they do not always comply with the identity, lifestyle, or cultural background of the users.

The Embassy is primarily a plea for a more diverse and inclusive design field. A plea for a greater number of designers with diverse and inclusive backgrounds. At Dutch Design Week 2021, we will present a variety of design projects and an active form of cooperation between various groups in our society.