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(Archive) The Embassy of Health

Chronic Health

This project was part of DDW 2021
Maria Koijck (concept) - Eva Glasbeek (beeld)

Good health depends on many factors. Our health is not only determined by the quality of medical care and technological developments, but also by our lifestyle, the quality of our social contacts and our living and working environment.

Chronic Health – vital changes for a caring society

Moreover, all these factors are interrelated and this makes the community quite complex. This complexity can be overwhelming and give you the feeling that you can make little difference on your own. And yet, we all need to contribute. Whether you are a farmer who decides to go organic, a hairdresser offering the neighbourhood a place to meet or a philosopher who rethinks the system of (mental) health care, everyone can and should contribute to a healthier society.

In order to realise the changes that we need to stay healthy, we have to join forces. This is what the exhibition Chronic Health - vital changes for a caring society - in the Embassy of Health is all about. This exhibition shows that the transition to 'chronic health' is a matter of new coalitions working together. And that designers can be the catalyst for this. The exhibition shows some inspiring examples of such unexpected collaborations and their results.

Meet these 11 creators of the healthy society. Discover how healthcare professionals, patients, residents, students, researchers, housing corporations, farmers, tech companies, local craftsmen, artists and designers work together towards a broader, more inclusive and sustainable, more healthy society.

And you, how do you contribute to a healthy society?