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(Archive) Labyrinth: The Art of Changing Direction

"The path to the future is not a straight line, but an ongoing search and change of course."

This project was part of DDW 2021
Labyrinth: The art of changing direction — © Overtreders W

At Dutch Design Week 2021, architect and former chief government architect Floris Alkemade will present an exhibition in the form of a labyrinth on behalf of the Board of Government Advisors and together with World Design Embassies.

The Art of Changing Direction

The exhibition is a translation of his essay 'The Future of the Netherlands. The Art of Changing Direction'. In this essay, he describes the major challenges we face as a country and how we can provide answers to complex issues such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, but also housing shortage, inequality, an ageing population and loneliness.

The labyrinth represents 'the art of changing direction'. It is about exploring new ways of observing, thinking and acting. The labyrinth consists of three parts. The first part is about social changes and the search for solidarity. The second part is about our desire for control in uncertain times - for better or for worse. And the third part is about our ability to dream and imagine brighter futures, and a call for joint action based on solidarity.