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Tondo Redux

Tondo Redux is a work created out of discomfort and anxiety, to show that even those feelings can grow into something wonderfull and captivating.

Tondo Redux a giant disc spanning 2,40m across made from MDF, spruce wood, a metal frame and plaster.
showcasing a repeating pattern of my own device which in turn portrays my own discomfort and anxiety during the last year.
I made this to make the viewer feel its own perception of reality.

Tondo Redux What do you feel?

Reality is just a perceptions , none the same.
Look at Tondo Redux from different points of view and experience it differently each time.
What do you see, or feel? this is what Tondo is about a feeling that differs depending on the viewer.

About Jerryt Ruiter

Jer is an upstarting Creator who wants to move people with his work, make you think. He loves to do things his own way and not so much "by the book" with perception as a main driving force which makes the works to see here a personal experience.

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Art Tech Fun Robots eGirls Manifestations

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