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How does your soul move?
It's not a movement that we, as ­h­umans, can ­observe physically.
Is it a movement in time? Or space? Or both?
Movement within or around your body?

Translucent Soul is a modern metaphor for the travelling soul.

Translucent Soul

A soul was, is and will be waiting.

Three ­periods. A ­whole cycle. A Pyramid with three ­periods or, ­rather,
Three ­sides. In which you can see through or cannot see at all.

We see because of light, break it, and it allows selective ­c­olouring. Block it, and it's dark.

Isn't that also a reflection of ourselves? Humans and their souls.
Breaking open a soul can lead to a pulse.
That trigger is essential to the soul as it leads it around. Block it, and you prevent someone's journey.
I wanted to create spatial work that can or cannot be seen.
To admire or ignore an image and then to see it again, ­differently. It is ­Essentially creating a metaphor of a moving soul.

This research started personal, religiously and philosophically. How the ­death of a family ­member changes your perspective of life. That's when you notice the soul gives the body its colour.

In Islam, the soul (Al-Ruh) primarily refers to the breath of life blown into a living creature by God, which departs the physical body when you die.
As a Muslim, it's essential to note that I do not aim to showcase a soul but only its metaphoric journey.

About Josef Ali

I frequently dissect a feeling or memory into bits to link them to a material. This way, I aspire to create sentimental spatial work as I find it challenging to express myself with words. Religion, art and science play an important part in translating this feeling.

Josef Ali
Spatial Design

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