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(Archive) Future Affair

Partly 'live' experiment, partly theoretical research.

This project was part of DDW 2021
Future Affair (Caressing Machine touching arm)

Remote touch: let warm robotic fingers caress your arm. Can you enjoy this without prejudice?

Interactive arm stroking machine

This multimedia installation consists of two hubs. From the first you operate the robot arm with heated fingers in the second cabin, with which you can caress the arm of the person sitting there without seeing this person. The caress is only possible as long as the visitor gives their consent. In this way we learn to look at touch again, without prejudice.

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Play video

Future Affair (installation with open doors)

Future Affair (Control Panel)

Future Affair (Caressing Machine)

Future Affair (Installation with closed doors)

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Art Tech Fun Robots eGirls Manifestations

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