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(Archive) Pointing Fingers

This project was part of DDW 2021

A hate tweet was quickly sent,
How does it feel when people point at you like that? And what is the impact if a lot of people point all at once?

Pointing Fingers

The world of social media
The concept of my graduation project ‘Pointing Fingers’ was formed while exploring various facets
of the world of social media. While on these explorative journeys I noticed that the amount of vitriol found online had not subsided over the years in which social media has become mainstream. Sadly, I noticed an increase in hateful comments ranging from venomous spite to all out bigotry. Especially, in the comments under posts. Mostly directed to the person that wrote a reaction earlier, to the author of the post, or the subjects of the post. I found it interesting to see that others would then latch onto each other’s statements creating vicious pile ons. This showed off herd behaviour with a callous disregard for how so much negativity might affect whomever the comments were aimed at. Being confronted with this, begged the questions of whether all people are like this or was a certain type of person taking over
these social media platforms? More importantly, how do these people think?
Writing comments
I started trying to get into what I imagined to be the mindset of these people. Stopping what they’re doing in a momentary state of boredom, grabbing their pho

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Art Tech Fun Robots eGirls Manifestations

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