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VANTOT will show new work at several locations, with as hightlights 'Sunseeker' & 'Floating Lights'.

Portrait — © Boudewijn Bollman DDF

VANTOT took the time they received last year to play, create and realise new work. 'Building with light' as a starting point for the new collections t

Floating Lights

A lightweight modular system to build with light. The element of the light installation comes right to the essence, with the use of almost no material at all.
After a visit at the cleanest metal workshop ever seen, they were sure they had to do something with this production method which is not producing any left overs. Playing with the self-made strings they can build sculptures in different appearances. The lights move with the wind, the sculpture will approach you massive and gently at the same time. It's something you must experience. Isn't this great in these times?


Cosmos is an architectural piece within your space. It can be used as chandelier or as a pillar within your space. It's futuristic when you look at the way how it works, but if you perceive it will remind you of something classic. The glass is cut, sandblasted and treated in such a way it triggers you while looking at it.


VANTOT introduces a design for a solar powered sustainable and interactive (street) light-installation called SUNSEEKER. Designed for the brand new Victoriapark in the city center of Eindhoven.

SUNSEEKER makes a city more attractive to both residents and people from outside of the city. We make them think about sustainability in a different way, even more so than before, by making street lighting visible in a non-functional way. People literally experience an alternative: the light chain is dynamic and interactive; the modules move with the sun and react to passing people. This creates amazement and allows people to identify with it. For us, technology is always cleverly and logically integrated into the aesthetic design. This enables us to give poetry and humanity to something technical and almost elusive.

SUNSEEKER contributes to the atmosphere, experience and liveability of the public space. At the same time, we are giving the sun the role of charger, making solar cell energy tangible and helping the energy transition – which must be a reality by 2050 – to move forward.

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Lighting experts Sam van Gurp and Esther Jongsma both graduated from Design Acad-emy Eindhoven. They founded studio VANTOT in this city in 2015. Here, they experi-ment and unite technology and aesthetics in their designs. The designers create lighting designs for interiors, such as Limpid Lights, Current Currents and VVV, a circuit of linked elements that together form an architectural curtain of light. They now also de-sign for public spaces with Thank you for the sun and SUNSEEKER.

Floating Lights

Sunseeker — © Esther Jongsma

Sectie-C area, CLUB-C, Daalakkersweg 14 , Map No. E14
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