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2 Masters of Space x 2 Masters of Product

(Archive) Cormoradeship

This project was part of DDW 2021
Perching — © Job Oort

Five tools to open up a landscape to our experience through animalship: sensing to be an animal within your surrounding ecosystem. Outdoor recreation focused on being present and developing sensitivity to live the experience of being with nature, being equal and humble. To find and embrace slowness.

Unleashing Animalship with the Cormoradeship Collection

For half a year I followed and studied the large cormorant colony in the dunes of Meijendel near The Hague to find understanding of how my neighbours live with the landscape that we both inhabit. What does their day look like? What activities do they do? What routines do they cherish? What are their preferences? How does the weather influence their behaviour? How do they see this landscape?
The next step was to find my 'rich' connection to our landscape through endless failed attempts of mimicking the birds' behaviour and routines. When undertaking the birds' routines I noticed that the struggle made me feel more out of place and disconnected than before! I might be an animal like they are, and we might live in the same place, but I am not a bird. I am my own animal species and therefore I started looking for ways to adapt the cormorant activities to recreational activities for myself - a human animal.
The Cormoradeship Collection is the result of my explorations of designing for accessing deep nature experiences from home, from a path, a park, a dune.. but not remote wilderness.

Nesting — © Job Oort

Gazing from the nest — © Job Oort

Andere deelnemers

2 Masters of Space x 2 Masters of Product

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Andere deelnemers

2 Masters of Space x 2 Masters of Product