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(Archive) The Exploded View Materials & Methods

Search for large-scale climate-friendly building and living

This project was part of DDW 2021
The Exploded View Materials & Methods — © Nanno Simonis + Eric Melander

"Daring to radically look at and challenge the possibilities of designing and building a home", that is how the pioneers from the world of circular and biobased construction set to work. They present "The Exploded View". A scale model of a detached house made out of all kind of sustainable materials

Live onderzoek

This unique project shows the existing and future possibilities of sustainable building and living. It is the representation of a multi-year research program of "The Embassy of Circular and Biobased Building" in which designers, entrepreneurs, researchers, policymakers and storytellers, work together on a common goal. The Embassy actively asks itself the question: which climate and people-friendly solutions can be found and developed for the enormous construction challenges that The Netherlands is facing? They formulate and showcase their answers through a "live research" and "storytelling" installation. “With the scale-model and with a life-size blueprint we show what we have discovered, but also show what we don't yet know. We discuss the qualities of biobased materials and circular methodologies and indicate where the growth opportunities lie. And we invite everyone to think and act with us. Because there is so much knowledge and there is no right method or solution for sustainable building and living, ”says designer Pascal Leboucq of Biobased Creations.

Potential of rapidly renewable raw materials

The installation incorporates applications and materials of today, tomorrow and of the further future. Products that already exist but still have difficulty finding their way to the construction site to developments that still need serious support to develop and scale up.
The Exploded View thus refers to the endless, potential material flows that are available and yet hardly ever used in the construction world. “More and more building materials are being made from food waste, textiles, sewage water, buildings or even our own living environment. We demonstrate our search for materials that can keep the production circle as small and efficient as possible, ”says Leboucq.

Need for other models

We also show our quest for the future of housing. Together with the visitor, we wonder how we will live in the near future. “What if we really want to make a transition to a circular and biobased world, then we have to do more than just build differently. Then we also have to rethink how we live and how we add value to our homes. ” says Lucas De Man of Biobased Creations.

The Exploded View Materials & Methods is a scale model of a life size house The Exploded View Beyond Building, which can also be seen on DDW. You can find it at Ketelhuisplein / Strijp-S.

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