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What less could we want?

Reaction logo — © Julia Veldman

In the Netherlands there are countless sustainable, social, local business. They are competing with large retail chains selling products of which we have no idea how, by whom and under what circumstances they are manufactured. That's why filmmaker Kees Brouwer started his own retail chain: Reaction.

The goal

What if there was a retail chain of which every location is entirely different? Where the creation of sustainable and beautiful products is valued over the creation of profit? This is the Reaction. It's not a brand, but a message. It's a chain that unites specialists, artisans and craftsmen to form a resilient counterpart to mainstream retail chains, and to reclaim ownership of commodities and production processes for the local community.

The franchises within the Reaction-chain are all already there. Reaction merely brings them together to make sustainability and quality more widely accessible and easier to find. That's why Kees travelled all over the country, in search of people who show how you can make things (that) last, and leave a little to no carbon footprint in the process.

Within the Reaction there is a food forest, an organic distillery, an honest sewing workshop, a Dutch hazelnut farm, a cruelty-free knitting workshop, a circulair furniture store and much, much more. All owners share a single mission: sustainable growth. Participants' main features are: organic, local, high-quality, craft, and a neutral or positive impact on the natural environment.

Join the Reaction

If you are a business-owner, craftsman, designer or artist who resonates with the message of Reaction, you are welcome to join. Fill in the form on our website, and we will stop by to spraypaint the Reaction logo on your storefront.

Visit our website here:

About VPRO

The VPRO is an independent media organization. Our creative teams explore what’s happening at the edges of society, chase innovation and contribute to the public discourse.

In ‘Reaction,’ VPRO documents the foundation and development of the Reaction as an independent foundation. The film will be broadcast on 17 October. During the Dutch Design Week, VPRO presents Reaction within the theme 'degrowth'.


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