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(Archive) Debut at De Buut

This project was part of DDW 2021
Workshop at De Buut — © Marco Cagnoni

This year, Frank van der Laak and Yolande Voskes, managers of Buurthuis De Buut, open the doors of their community center to DDW. A team of designers took the chance to explore what role could a community center take on in a design event.

DDW in the Rochusbuurt neighborhood

Dutch Design Week is an international event that every year attract thousands of designers and design lovers from all over the world but a lot of citizens from Eindhoven feel the distance from a design world that might look unaccessible to some extent.

The project aims to lower the threshold by bringing the event into the neighbourhood’s living room: the Rochusbuurt Buurthuis. To do so, we came up with a condensed program in 3 parts (before and during DDW) to actively involve neighbours: a co-creation workshop, an exhibition and design talks.

Workshop & Exhibition

We invited the Rochusbuurt neighbours to bring old furniture and unused materials at the community center, where we co-created with them new design pieces in a 2-day workshop (2-3 October), starting from the theme of otium: a Latin abstract term, that has a variety of meanings, including leisure time in which a person can enjoy eating, playing, resting, contemplation and academic endeavours. A comfy and informal atmosphere that fits the cosy vibe of De Buut.

The co-created pieces will be on show during the design week, a debut for our amateur designers: a debut at De Buut!

On October 19th, 21st and 23rd, 3 guest designers will present their work. The thread that connects their three projects is food, another way to talk about design in a convivial moment, cooking and sharing the food together.

Design Talks

Bricknic | 19 Oct | 17:00-20:00

The Bricknic Cooking Brick is a modular cooking tool to prepare delicious and healthy food in a simple way.
price: €10 | buy your ticket here: (by 18 Oct)

Wild Flavours | 21 Oct | 15:00-19:00

Ever wondered what your neighborhood tastes like? Do you know what medicinal and edible treasures grow in the wild green spaces in and around our suburbs? In this workshop and food experience, Giulia Pompilj and Nicole Cullinan invite you to identify what is hidden in plain sight.
price: €20 | buy your ticket here: (by 20 Oct)

Plastic Culture presents Salsify Gnocchi | 23 Oct | 17:30-19:30
Drawing from his Plastic Culture project, social designer Marco Federico Cagnoni has envisioned for the De Buut's guests a "taste experience" using as main ingredients the leftover produced by the plants selected for the cultivation of bio-plastic.
price: €10 | buy your ticket here: (by 22 Oct)

Design Talk #1 - Bricknic — © Bricknic

Design Talk #2 - Wild Flavours — © Giulia Pompilj

Design Talk #3 - Plastic Culture presents Salsify