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Music and sustainable clothing by Scoff

Scoff will talk about how to make your brand sustainable and will bring the perfect Scoff vibe vibe with a live DJ!

Scoff Community

Scoff will be joining us live in store with their very own DJ to set the perfect Scoff Mood. They will be talking about sustainability and how they use this in their brand. You can ask them questions and they will tell you all the ins and out you have to know!

Scoff Community the event

Scoff is a streetwear brand that strives to bring the togetherness of a festival into everyday life, while being focused on durability, quality and comfort.

Scoff aims at free spirits who feel at home in the culture of music, modern amusement and sustainability. The brand, Scoff, is inspired by the things we have experienced during our friendship. With passion for clothing, music and events, we want to bring people together. Scoff is also involved with young producers, DJs and other creative minds. Scoff gives these artists a stage by showing their work to the world.

They do this under the name of ‘Scoff community'.

About lyd studio

We are a concept store in the city center om Eindhoven and feature a variety of Dutch upcoming brands. We stand for giving a platform to the smaller brands and want to create awareness among our customers that behind every small business there are people who work hard and put effort in their brand. From design to product. We do this by telling their story’s to our customers.
Centre area, Lyd Studio, Nieuwe Emmasingel 28
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