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(Archive) Workshop tie dye by Klerezooi

Learn a variation of tie dye techniques and use different natural dyes to create your own unique piece!

This project was part of DDW 2021
Workshop table — © Klerezooi

Hanneke, the founder of klerezooi, will take you on a tie dye journey. Different techniques, all sorts of natural dyes, you will learn all the ins and outs on how to create your own unique tie dye shirt. You can choose to dye your shirt with curcuma (yellow), madder (red) and indigo (blue).

The workshop

On this day Hanneke will give a total of 4 workshops in which 4 people can join. You will learn all the ins and outs about tie dye and you are free to bring your own white (old) t-shirt with you. The workshop will take a maximum of 1,5 hours as the shirts need to sit in the dye for a while.

While waiting, you are free to ask as many questions as you can and talk to the lyd studio staff about the other brands in store. During DDW21 there are also 3 exhibitions to admire at lyd studio, so there is plenty to do while waiting!

NOTE: Please have in mind that your shirt will be wet when taking it back home, so don't forget to bring your own plastic bag so you can take your beautiful piece with you!

Workshop agenda:
1. Introduction
2. Different techniques
3. Color talk
4. Tie and dye
5. Little wait
6. Check out the result! (best part).

Workshop timetable:
11:00 - 12:30 | Workshop 1
13:00 - 14:30 | Workshop 2
15:00 - 16:30 | Workshop 3
18:00 - 19:30 | Worskhop 4

All the workshops are currently full. Stay tuned for more workshops in the future!

Who is Hanneke?

Hanneke Gerrits is a (textile)designer that is fascinated by sustainable dying methods with natural dyes. She has her own studio in ‘s-Hertogenbosch where you can find her experimenting with all kinds of textiles and colors. She wants to use her creations to raise awareness for the current issues in the textile industry.

Under the name of studio Han she is creating her own natural dyed clothing and next to this she developed a toolkit which you can use to start experimenting yourself.

With the Klerezooi toolkit you can start dyeing your own clothes with natural materials (curcuma, madder, walnut) and give your clothing a second life!

Workshop techniques — © Klerezooi

Hanneke — © Klerezooi