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Jezus 2021 :( — © Tom Haakman

Technology and science as a new religion. Would it be better to “delete” religion and reach a new heaven with technology? Or do we always keep “mistakes and glitches”?

404: Religion not found

"404: Religion not found" is a gentle observation of the gradual fall into obsolescence that religion and religious values is having in the west. By using outdated digital media to portray a distortion and ageing of the most influential historical and cultural icon the west has seen. The artist is questioning our modern day society, breaking taboos surrounding euthanasia and modern communication. Next to that, it is an ongoing quest to fill that's been left behind by the fall of religion nowadays.

About Tom Haakman

“My goal is to show my love and excitement for the way our society works. I want to create empathy and respect for parts of our society that have been overlooked.”

Heaven is so close

The story of Jezus 2021 :(

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Art Tech Fun Robots eGirls Manifestations

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