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(Archive) Scriptorium

Collecting a thousand manuscripts to develop a new typeface.

This project was part of DDW 2021
Rob Lipsius

When was the last time you wrote something by hand? During the celebration of 1000 years of monastic life in Brabant, Graphic Matters challenges you to do typical monk's work.

Turn your handwriting on paper into a font for your screen.

In mediaeval scriptoria, monks had a day's work transcribing texts. In order to make texts easy to read and understand, they devised punctuation, illustrations and fonts.

In the Scriptorium, you will create a digital font based on your handwriting. Use a pen, brush, marker, quill or other writing utensils. Make it your own special letters!

The font can be downloaded afterwards and used on your own laptop.

From all the letters written in the Scriptorium, the designers of Autobahn will develop a new typeface for the street paper Sammy.

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Rob Lipsius

Rob Lipsius

Joost van Asch