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by ARK Collective
on view at MU from October 14 till November 28

Still from LAWKI_Alive — © ARK Collective

LAWKI-Alive dives into the digital overload of footage that we throw into the world on a daily basis and the associative way in which we ourselves and an Artificial Intelligence deal with it.

Everywhere and nowhere at once

Worldwide, we watch a billion hours of online video.
Games, music, news, make-up, asmr, vlogs, documentaries, tutorials, interviews, reviews, challenges and, of course, cat videos! Each minute, 500 hours of video material are being uploaded to YouTube alone.
With LAWKI-Alive, the third iteration of Life As We Know It, the ARK collective condenses this unimaginable amount of digital footage to an intuitive dynamic livestream driven by AI and the visitors’ movements. Smartly indexed search results continuously generate new associative visual stories in ten different languages.
The result is an overpowering stream of images showing what keeps people busy from Boston to Bangalore. World and screen are no longer separate, we are in MU, but we are everywhere and nowhere at once as well.
An excellent opportunity to get to know life (all over).

ARK is:
Arran Lyon (GB), Federico Campagna (IT), Louis Braddock Clarke (GB), Roosje Klap (NL), Senka Milutonovic (RS), Teoniki Rozynek (PL), Valentin Vogelmann (DE) en Zuzanna Zgierska (PL)

About MU Hybrid Art House

MU Hybrid Art House is an adventurous guide in the suburbs of present and future contemporary art, design and digital culture, for a young and diverse audience. MU Hybrid Art House places art and design in the midst of everyday life and takes on themes that make the current time tangible and visible. MU has it’s focus on creative practices that are innovative, investigative and multidisciplinary.
Still from LAWKI_Alive — © ARK Collective
Strijp-S area, MU, Torenallee 40-06 , Map No. B8
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