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(Archive) The Embassy of Health: Experivan

This project was part of DDW 2021
ExperiVan — © BMS Lab University of Twente

During Dutch Design Week the ExperiVan is located at the Ketelhuisplein, and can be visited as part of the exhibition Chronic Health - vital changes for a caring society. Visitors are welcome to take a look and participate in the research.

Chronic Health – vital changes for a caring society

"A lot of the research on health is being done from behind a desk. The question is whether as a researcher you can involve the right people that way," says Jan-Willem van 't Klooster of the Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences Lab of the University of Twente. "Co-creation with end users is crucial, particularly for innovations in healthcare. With our ExperiVan we bring the research closer to the people it concerns."

The ExperiVan is a mobile lab to carry out research on location. "Recently, Citizen Science is emerging in healthcare," says Van 't Klooster. "This involves end users in the entire process of development and research. The mobile lab is ideally suited for this." The ExperiVan has already been used in market squares and in front of institutions to test the use of the CoronaMelder app.