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Master Institute of Visual Cultures Graduates 2021

How can we create a future that is something else, another kind of world, one that we would like to live in?

Gayuan - Ye Xu — © Lotte Schrander

The Master Institute of Visual Cultures is proud to showcase the exhibitions of our award-winning and award-nominee master graduates of 2021 in Dutch Design Week. The EKP Excellence in Research Award and Wacom Talent Development award acknowledge the regenerative and transformative work of students.

Why do we reward research?

The arts have the capacity to make us see beyond our own limits and allows new ways of looking and thinking about a life that is distinct to the given social, political or environmental archetypes of society. This freedom fuels consciousness, which further sparks creative imagination; the starting point of regenerative solutions that communicate more deeply than written words, nourish discussions, and encourages analytical and critical thinking – in essence, contributing to the transformation of societies. Research is an indispensable element in this progression.

The EKP 2021 Nominees & Jury

The four nominees for the EKP Excellence in Research Award 2021 are from the Situated Design and Visual Arts and Post Contemporary Design courses from the Master of Fine Art & Design programme: Ananya Panda and Ye Xu, Yannan Pan and Robert Lombarts.

The nominees were selected by this years’ graduation examination external experts David Haines, Dr. Janice McNab, Dr. Michelle Kazprak and Angelique Spaninks. Aric Chen (Het Nieuwe Instituut) and Saskia van Stein (International Architecture Biënnale Rotterdam) is the jury who will select the award winner in a ceremony during Dutch Design Week.

The Wacom Talent Development Award 2021 Winner

Master of Animation graduate Femke Koppe is this year’s award winner with her short animation for children titled ‘Jij bent de kapitein!’.

Handed by Martijn van Oers, the award recognizes graduates’ excellence within the creative industries in the field of animation and design, and rewards their talent of storytelling – a powerful skill capable of igniting critical reflections and conversations to progressively shift the world. External examiner Erwin van den Ijssel expressed: “Femke’s animation makes a great contribution to today’s society while simultaneously displaying a distinct artistic voice’’.

About Master Institute of Visual Cultures

The Master Institute of Visual Cultures is part of St Joost School of Art and Design, which forms part of Avans Hogeschool. We offer two programmes: Master of Arts in Animation, and Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design. The latter includes three interdisciplinary course options: Ecology Futures, Situated Design and Visual Arts & Post-Contemporary Practice.

Our transformative education empowers students to become artists and designers that contribute to progressively change our societies.
Strijp-S area, Klokgebouw | Hall 2, Klokgebouw 50 , Map No. B1
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