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(Archive) Toekomst zorg voor ouderen

ActiZ and Dutch Design Foundation are working collaboratively with designers on the issue of care for the elderly.

This project was part of DDW 2021
Studio Anne Ligtenberg

Ageing of the population has resulted in an increase of elderly people requiring care and a decrease in available care workers. This calls for fundamental choices. Combining innovative designs and practical examples, we can sketch a picture of how the future of elderly care may look like.

Social issue

As the population ages, there are more elderly requiring care and fewer care workers available. Society must make new crucial choices on how to organize care for the elderly and the chronically ill, in order to give them access to high quality and affordable care. Doing nothing is not an option. The care sector needs to innovate, and society needs to become more caring.

The exhibition at the Dutch Design Week intends to ingrain a sense of urgency in the general public as to the social issue of the future of elderly care. The concepts from ‘Studio Anne Ligtenberg’ design agency and ‘We are Social Rebels’ are put on the podium for public exploration and we present a number of great initiatives within the sector. Our aim is to raise interest in this issue with designers and industry, bringing them into contact with the elderly care sector and motivating stakeholders.