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Breathe — © Adinda de Kousemaeker

These tender, hypnotic objects react to the movements of the visitor and give the impression of living organisms. In this way the designer tries to ask for empathy and attention for the nature that surrounds us all.

About Biophilia

Biophilia is a series of works in which Adinda examines our understanding of nature. How can we connect better with our earth and with those aspects of nature that sometimes appear so far removed from ourselves?

This meditative project attempts to evoke emotion through interaction. The work is a reaction on the tempo with which speed through our lives and the lack of opportunity to take a moment for the small and awe-inspiring.

Through interplay of proximity and movement of the spectator Breathe illustrates how nature influences the experience of humanity and how mankind influences the form of nature in turn. By using air pressures the mechanical aspect is set aside – its place taken by and a tender, subtle, hypnotic movement. Object becomes organism.

Material: Silicone, Metal, Clay, PLA, Microcontroller

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About Adinda de Kousemaeker

Adinda de Kousemaeker is a Dutch designer and artist ,focused on the relationship and interaction of humans with nature

Breathe — © Adinda de Kousemaeker

Exhale — © Adinda de Kousemaeker

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