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The Human Trap

A trap specifically designed for humans.

The Human Trap — © Anouk van Weerlee

An enormous iron object with razor-sharp points and a diameter of 1.80 meters. Not a bear trap, but a real functioning human trap that makes no distinction in who you are.

The Human Trap

The Human Trap is specifically designed for humans and waiting for the right moment to strike. An object in a continuous waiting mode, which (hopefully) never fulfills its sole purpose.

The trap is a translation from the ‘ hypocrisy in Dutch hospitality, openness or tolerance’ . But at the same time it carries a universal character and is a direct translation of an experience and/or feeling. The feeling of being welcome at first and other welcoming good things in life overshadowed by looming other intentions and consequences.

The human trap is a work that dares to speak out. A work that immediately evokes a reaction or emotion, that confronts you with it existence. A work that actively involves the audience and perhaps even makes them part of it. It asks the question what can a work be? But also explores the boundaries of what a graduation work can and may be within the safe walls of a (school) institution.

About Anouk van Weerlee

Anouk van Weerlee is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist and theatre maker. Her work walks a thin line between humour and gruesomeness, and brings contrasting themes into harmony. She is a social artist and an advocate of interactive work. Making the audience part of the work.

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Art Tech Fun Robots eGirls Manifestations

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