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GoDigital Babywear

Digital baby clothes

Godigital Babywear - photo 1 — © Saskia Verleg

Always online and still plenty of attention for a baby? It’s possible with these baby clothes where the little one becomes a living keyboard. Win win!

About Godi Babywear

The behaviour of today's society has changed significantly in recent years with the arrival of the internet. Bit by Bit we shift our boundaries and the virtual world seems to become valued over our physical reality. Nowadays everyone wants to keep up with their online social life and status, even when you become a parent, right?

In this design, a small screen is placed in a baby's outfit, which can be navigated through the gray areas of the outfit. The baby will feel like getting all the attention and will not even realize that your focus is on the web; a win-win situation?

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About Saskia Verleg

As a conceptual image maker I visualize developments that have an impact on the society of the future. As a designer I strive for creating awareness and the breaking patterns.

Godigital Babywear - photo 2 — © Saskia Verleg

Godigital Babywear - photo 3 — © Saskia Verleg

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Art Tech Fun Robots eGirls Manifestations

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