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(Archive) Come get your future / Make your future

Everyone gets to design the future.

This project was part of DDW 2021
On our way towards the future. — © Bouwe v.d. Molen

To design the future, Waag looks at systemic changes in the present. These are the building blocks of the future where everyone is included. 'Come get your future!' is Waag’s lab to figure out the future. We’ll take you on a journey through themes concerning ecology, technology, material and more.

Come get your future! Make your future!

Imagine you could design a new planet, what would it look like? Picture a place a lot like earth - we’ll call it ‘planet B’. What would you take with you, and what would you leave behind?

To design the future, we need to look at systemic changes in the present.
Come get your future! is Waag’s lab in which we try to figure out what’s ahead. We’ll take you on a journey through themes of ecology, technology, materials and more.

How do we get everyone at the table to co-design the future? To make sure it represents us?

In ‘Come get your future’ you’ll get inspired, listen to and look at new designs, methods and visions for an open, fair and inclusive future.
In ‘Make your future’ your input is crucial! You can leave a message for the future, or add your dreams and ideas. Together we’re designing a future that works for everyone.

Waag is a Future Lab for technology and society. This year we’ve traversed the Netherlands to ask people about their ideal futures, and how to get there. Join us, come and get your future!