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It's in our Nature

Are We There Yet?

AWTY_audience — © Matthijs Immink

Are We There Yet? is an installation where viuals, sound and text come together. It is slow-paced, hypnotic, with room to lose the sense of time and place. The images are rendered live and keep repeating and transforming so that every visitor experiences their own, unique version.

Evolution is messy. There is no purpose. There are only amplified errors and time.

Variation and iteration are two key elements in evolution. And we need to talk about evolution. Evolution is messy. Lacking a blue print, some beautiful, complex organisms ended up with some serious construction flaws.

We find ourselves in a unique moment in time; for the first time we managed to get hold of tools to alter the evolutionary process. This means we have a responsibility to future life, while becoming obsolete ourselves.

Are We There Yet? is a physical installation in a real world space. It has visuals, sound, a certain pace and specific dimensions. It doesn’t have length, a beginning or an end. Images are being drawn on the screen over and over again with room for variation and randomness, giving each visitor a unique version of the piece. During the day visuals will grow more complex.

Scan the QR code at the exhibition to listen to the voice-over and learn about evolution through three stories; that of the whale, the virus and ai. It will remind us, the humans, about our place in evolution and ecology. It will help us shed our human-centered view.

You are small but significant.

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About Lux Nautilus

My Alter Ego references light and the unvisible processes that take place under the surface. Recurring themes in my work are conciousness, evolution and the concept of scale. Randomness is important; I tend to leave design choices to external factors like digital noise or human interaction.

AWTY_render — © Lux Nautilus

AWTY_expo — © Lux Nautilus