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It's in our Nature

(Archive) Herschept: wanneer men leven nabouwt in het lab

How humans recreate life by developing a synthetic cell

This project was part of DDW 2021
Podcast Herschept — © Mies Loogman & Catalina Balcázar

For a period of ten years, researchers in the Netherlands are trying to build a synthetic cell in the hope of discovering 'how life works'. Biotechnology is about improving existing life forms. Whereas the creation of a synthetic cell is about creating new life forms.

Let's talk about life with or without synthetic cells

It is the joint goal of designer Mies Loogman and the Rathenau Institute to make the complexity of the synthetic cell tangible to discuss this subject. Moreover, we would like to talk about it not merely with scientists and experts, but also with you. Since the synthetic cell involves important questions. These include questions about our existence, the way we live with each other, and the role of technology in our lives. In addition, it addresses our ideas on what life entails and our vision of the future.

We offer you two opportunities to discuss the synthetic cell with us. Firstly, our physical installation in the Klokgebouw will serve as a conversation starter. Come by and join the conversation. What questions does the synthetic cell raise for you? How do you envision the future; does it include the synthetic cell?

Podcast Recreated

Second, we present our podcast series 'Recreated'. In this podcast, designer Mies Loogman investigates how humans recreate life by developing a synthetic cell. She visits the lab, attends expert meetings and investigates the topic thoroughly. By doing so, she tries to understand the social and political structures and mechanisms that revolve around the synthetic cell. Her extensive exploration enables her to construct the story behind this new technology, to make it tangible and stimulate discussion about it.

In the exhibition you can sit down, relax and listen to the first episode of the podcast.

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Recreating life with the synthetic cell — © Mies Loogman & Catalina Balcázar

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It's in our Nature

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It's in our Nature