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Future Museum of Holy Pig

Museum Architecture — © Zong-Yuan Tien, Chia-Hua Lee

The museum has developed display systems for exhibiting Taiwan’s Holy Pig culture in several parallel worlds. Through archives demonstrating cultural and historical sources, technological devices breeding holy pig, and the interviews with experts and scholars.

Future Museum of Holy Pig

This project seeks to set up a museum to introduce and demonstrate future holy pig culture in Taiwan. We posit a science fiction scenario in which, after the year 2020, there will exist numerous parallel worlds. Owing to different outcomes to the African swine fever outbreak, the holy pig culture in each of these parallel worlds will evolve into different faith narratives. Just as 100 years ago the colonial economy and agricultural policies of Japanese rule produced a massive influence on holy pig culture, the numerous different particular cases in different parallel worlds will open up a diversity of future holy pig cultures. Through the form of a museum, changes to holy pig culture from each parallel world are condensed into every kind of imaginary object and image, and presented in this imaginary museum. Through the introduction of partial objects and fragmented narratives, the audience is led to piece together how the intervention of different factors may transform future religious culture. We hope that through these works the audience may reflect and explore how religiousness can be practiced in these different ways.

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About Yu-Chun Lo

This is a collective project by 3 designers/artists.

Yu-Chun Lo
Documentary Film Maker, Multimedia Artist

Kuang-Yi Ku
Bio-Artist and Speculative Designer

Zong-Yuan Tien
Architectural Artist, Film Maker

3D bioprint — © Yang-Hsi Hsiao, Nigel Huang

SPF room — © Yang-Hsi Hsiao, Nigel Huang

Brainwave room