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It's in our Nature

No(n-Human) Consent

Life Centered Design, a balanced human non-human relation

Jeroen Cox

Designers face an urgency to alter their human-centered methods and reprioritise their goals to address the accelerating degradation of the environment. This new pressure demands recognition of nature’s fragility and our responsibility to preserve it for future generations.

Life Centered Design

The aim of Life Centered Design is a balanced human-non-human relation. The human designer and user are equal to all living organisms involved in the design process and design outcome. The non-human can be any living organism: an animal, a plant, or a micro-organism. A recurring theme in Life Centered Design is the ethical debate of human non-human relationships. Designers are educated to think about the welfare of their human participants, but the question is should we only care about human welfare?

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About Daniëlle Ooms

I am Daniëlle Ooms, a Master Industrial Design student at the Technical University Eindhoven. Within my studies I am focussing on Life Centered Design research.

Jeroen Cox

Jeroen Cox