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Silk scarfs dyed with flowers received from loved ones.

Emerge, zijde sjaal geverfd met bloemen — © Robbie Kusters

Emerge stands for emergence. You can interpret this in all kinds of ways. The emergence of a different outlook on life, new ideas, or getting strength from something. You can see the scarves as flags with a story. Just like the wearer of the scarf also has her own unique story and experience

With the 'Emerge' I want to create awareness about breast cancer among young women

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31, after my doctor initially dismissed the lump as "hormonal fluctuation", I felt for the first time in my life that my entire world was falling apart.

During my treatment, my living room was filled with flowers I had received from my loved ones. Printing the flowers on textile was a way to immortalize all those little gestures of love and support. With the scarf I want to give others the opportunity to do the same.

The scarf shows an illustration of 14 full moons. These symbolize the period from treatment to recovery. It is about the natural rhythm of life and living with the cycle of the moon. It is about fighting, surviving and being reborn.
The moon is also a symbol of femininity and stands for the different phases in life. Like the moon, we all go through different phases in our lives.

This project brought me back to my inner self and showed me strength in life.

I tried to turn a difficult time into something positive.
It showed me what I love to do the most, dyeing textiles with natural dyes, guided by my inner self. Creating new work grounded me and got me more back in balance within my physical body. Back to the essence of life, the source, and finding back the rhythm of nature. No rational thinking, just being there in the here and now.

Emerge was born.

The silk scarf is a symbol of self-love and reconnection. A garment designed to make you feel powerful and give you strength. It is a personal gift or to pass on from woman to woman. With ‘Emerge’ I want to make women more aware of the strength of the human (female) body. My aim is to start a dialogue about breast cancer among young women and create awareness around this topic. ‘Emerge’ is also about speaking up for yourself, letting you hear your inner voice, and reclaiming this voice.
You know your body the best. Don't trust something? Then trust that.

The scarves can be ordered online.

About Ilfa Siebenhaar

Studio Ilfa Siebenhaar specializes in sustainable fashion and research in bio-design, with the main focus is on innovation and the impact it has on the environment. By working with interdisciplinary groups, the studio aims to find better, more sustainable solutions for the current fashion industry.

Emerge, zijde sjaal geverfd met bloemen — © Robbie Kusters

Emerge, zijde sjaal geverfd met bloemen — © Robbie Kusters

Emerge, zijde sjaal geverfd met bloemen — © Iris Tempelaar