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Puma x Living Colour

Design to Fade

Puma x Living Colour, Design to Fade — © Ingo Foertsch

Dutch designers Laura Luchtman and Ilfa Siebenhaar have teamed up with global sports brand PUMA to explore more sustainable technologies and new aesthetics in textile dyeing, the results of which can be seen in the new “Design to Fade” presentation.

Natural dyes made from bacteria.

The garments are made by using a dyeing method that employs no hazardous chemicals, less water, and less energy minimizing the negative effects on the environment. Designs and designers benefit by tapping into the global supply chain helping to shape a better world.
The collection and accompanying shoes show the broad applicability and wearability of bacterial dyes.
The collection is based on iconic pieces from the PUMA archive. These pieces have been dissected and reconstructed into contemporary fashion items. Both the tactile and visual aspects are very important. The variety of textures and textiles - both natural and synthetic - produces different tonal hues and silhouettes. The surprising combination of materials within a garment, such as hemp, silk, and ripstop fabric, provides a contemporary and aesthetic look. By reusing these materials in the other garments, a cohesive collection is created.

The red-backed salamander was also a great inspiration to us.

The red-backed salamander is an amphibian on which the bacteria we use live. The bacterium protects the salamander against a deadly fungus. We have incorporated the shapes of the red-backed salamander in the silhouette lines, for example. What we like about it is the fact that these specific bacteria protect the salamander, just like clothing can also serve as a protective layer, wherein in this case the bacteria has also been used as an upper layer on top of the fabric. We have created a gender-neutral series of garments that can be combined in different ways. The bacteria have determined the color and designs.
This collection shows that bio-design is more than a utopian concept. Design to Fade is Living Colour's proof of concept that combines 4 years of research.

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About Puma x Living Colour by Laura Luchtman and Ilfa Siebenhaar

Living Colour is a bio-design research project, between two Dutch fashion and textile designers: Laura and Ilfa. The designers investigate an innovative and natural way to dye textiles by using bacteria that produce pigment. They look for a new sustainable colour aesthetic without petrochemicals.

Puma x Living Colour, Design to Fade — © Ingo Foertsch

Puma x Living Colour, Design to Fade