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Martina Dal Brollo

Interactive low-tech installation that challenges the visitor to take a different view at litter. The aesthetic value of street garbage, collected by Martina on the Pieterpad, gets a whole different value by turning the steampunk-like lenses fitted with polarization filters.

is part of a series of works that use plastic waste as a raw material to create visual compositions

The public is invited to look through the three “eyepieces sculptures” placed in front of the installation; to touch them and turn them. The filters placed inside them reveal the imperfections of a material rippled by time. They transform folds and cracks into inlets, traces and paths that belong to the Mind's universe. Inner landscape.

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About Martina Dal Brollo

Martina Dal Brollo (Trento, Italy 1990) graduated in 2020 from the Frank Mohr Institute with a Master degree in MADtech: Media, Art, Design and Technology.

She previously completed her studies in Spain at the Fine Art Academy of Barcelona and then moved to Beijing for a short working period.

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