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Living and working from home

(Archive) Sensorial Sanctuary

Sensorial Sanctuary is a space where you can work or relax and is based on the idea that our bodies require different stimuli during the day.

This project was part of DDW 2021
Sensorial Sanctuary - Total installation — © Claudia Berndsen

Whether you need deep focus and concentration, a moment of relaxation and recharging yourself or a stimulating and creative environment to have online meetings and interaction, this space has it all.

A space in a space

Next to integrating Biophilic Design principles and the Attention Restoration Theory, Kontou & Hwang applied their expertise, experience, and sensitivity to develop this sensorial space.
They curated and created six curtains with various acoustic and sensory qualities. These can be combined in different ways to create a suitable atmosphere for each situation. Additionally, they designed an organically shaped desk that radiates tranquillity but is also playful and cheerful. And to enhance various moods and activities, scents are used to activate or relax the user.

This installation is made possible by Kvadrat, Iscent and mokoh meubelmakerij.

Practical information

This installation is on show during Dutch Design Week 2021 (16 -24 October '21) in Klokgebouw - Hal 3, Strijp-S. Open from 11:00 - 18:00.
I will be present at the exhibition on the following days: Sunday 17 October, Friday 22 October, and Saturday 23 October.

Sensorial Sanctuary - Restorative mode — © Claudia Berndsen

Sensorial Sanctuary - Activating mode — © Claudia Berndsen

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Living and working from home

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Andere deelnemers

Living and working from home