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(Archive) Kazerne Design Award 2021

Tomorrow is shaped by the students of today. Exhibition with work of 8 nominees including winner Teun Zwets.

This project was part of DDW 2021
Ruud Balk

The Kazerne Design Award is a prize meant to encourage recently graduated alumni from Design Academy Eindhoven.

Kazerne Design Award 2021 winner Teun Zwets

Nominees: Noor Bootsma, Miya Fassbender, Niall Keville, Benjamin Motoc, Paulien Nabben, Marie Panken, Tadeás Podracky, Teun Zwets.

Teunland, an improvised series of furniture by Teun Zwets won the Kazerne Design Award 2021. The jury awarded him with eternal fame and 5.000 euro for his project that arose from his intense making urges. Zwets was one of 8 nominees for the stimulation prize, all recently graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. This – and more – is on show during DDW at Kazerne.

The cabinets, lights, clocks, chairs, candle holders, ash trays and vases in the serie Teunland were one by one made in less than a day by ADHDer Teun Zwets. He worked with materials already available to him – often the waste from others – to lose as little time as possible and to stay focused, without a daily dose of Ritalin. Zwets: “Creating works like therapy. These objects visualize my thoughts and feelings. Making makes me happy, and I want to make people happy with my creations.” With a focus on the practical instead of the conceptual and on usability instead of finish, he creates an authentic, personal world that questions our consumer society.


The Kazerne Design Award is a yearly stimulation prize for designers that recently graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven, an initiative by Foundation Loyola. The jury, consisting of Kiki van Eijk (Kiki en Joost), Annemoon Geurts (Kazerne), Anne Ligtenberg (Studio Anne Ligtenberg) and the board of Loyola, chose Zwets’s work after an extensive deliberation. Selection criteria were authenticity, creativity, execution and relevance in combination with a catchy pitch.

Jury member Geurts: ”How do you compare a great idea by Noor Bootsma, that takes community gardens as a model to protect oceans, with the beautifully executed sculptural furniture by Benjamin Motoc, or a poetical presentation with dancing letter shapes by Niall Keville? Each are interesting designs by talented designers. We will keep an eye on all eight."

Jury member Van Eijk: “Teun’s project is relevant now; now that the world becomes more and more digital, especially after the last 1,5 years. His project and presentation are about making and improvising. The current uncertain situation demands makers that are able to improvise. Within his project, there are plenty of ideas left to develop in the upcoming years.”

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